Visit These Three Family Fun Attractions When You Plan A Vacation To Denver CO

Planning a family vacation to Denver is a great idea. You want to visit places that will spell out family fun, and this article is going to help you out. Some attractions are going to be more for the kids, some the entire family and then those places that the kids might groan about but have to put up with anyway. There are more places to visit in Denver than I could possibly cover in a short time, but let’s get to three places to get you heading in the right direction.

Adams Mystery Playhouse is one place you might definitely want to take the kids. It is located at 2406 Federal Boulevard, and it is a place for the whole family to have fun. Reviews mention kids shows, but you are talking about a mystery dinner with audience participation. One man talks about taking his wife there for her birthday, and so this place is said to be a blast. Since it is a mystery dinner, you get to eat while you are there, too, which means that is one less restaurant you have to find.

Now it is time for a theme park. The place is Elitch Gardens Theme Park, and it is located at 2000 Elithces Circle. This is a great family fun park with plenty of amusement rides and kiddie rides, too. You can take in a concert while you are there, too, if you like. The concerts are held during the summer, and there are also said to be movie nights at the big pool.

Sloan’s Lake Park is a great place to take the family, too. The park is located at 1700 North Sheridan Boulevard, and it is where the Dragon Festival is held. There are also boat races there, and it is a great place to picnic and take in the great mountain views. You can also go for a nice stroll and take in the Denver skyline, too.

What are your thoughts on those three places? Are you ready for some family fun? Get ready because those three attractions are going to get your vacation started on the right foot. You, your partner and the kids will be saying that this is the greatest family vacation ever. If you are ready to get going and make it happen, start getting the lodging together and everything else that you need to get done.


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